Cutting Edge Tree Services

Tree Pruning

Cutting Edge Tree Services provide a variety of tree pruning options to ensure the good health of any trees on your property. This includes:

  • Crown and weight reduction - For trees which have outgrown their surroundings, we aim to minimise stress to the tree through general pruning, while preserving the natural appearance as much as possible.
  • Uplifting - Limbs and branches that are too low may become a hazard. Our arborists carefully assess the tree prior to carrying out uplifting, to ensure the balance of the tree is not compromised.
  • Crown thinning - Should you want to prune a tree without reducing the height, we can use a variety of crown thinning techniques. This allows us to provide balance to the tree and allow for light to reach the ground underneath, promoting healthy growth.
  • Deadwooding - Deadwooding is completed when there is a need to remove dead wood, diseased or damaged growth.

Our arborists can identify any areas of the tree that may require pruning to improve its long-term health.

We recommend annual inspections by a qualified Mount Waverley arborist to ensure the health and structure of trees on your property. This can significantly reduce the risk of large branch falls resulting in property damage.

For your peace of mind, all pruning is carried out to Australian Standards AS 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees. Further information of these standards can be found on the SAI Global website.

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